Conversion CPL ICAO to CPL EASA

The owners of the CPL pilot licenses [ICAO sample] have the opportunity to convert their licenses to the pilot licenses of the CPL [EASA sample] if they meet the requirements of the license conversion process.


  • Candidate has to be minimum 18 years old
  • Candidate has a valid ICAO CPL license
  • Candidate has at least 200 hrs total flight time, including 100 hrs as PIC, of which 50 hrs of cross-country as PIC
  • Candidate has at least on cross-country trip 300 NM with two stops at aerodromes different from the base aerodrome


– Theoretical training
ATPL Theory EASA consists of 14 disciplines – 650 hours, of which 530 hours of distance learning and 120 hours of classroom work (full-time training for 4 weeks). The course of distance theory should be completed in no more than 6 months.

– Flight training
The flight training course consists of 30 hours, including retraining for CPL class MEP and IR (SEP and MEP). Of these, 10 hours are spent on single-engine piston aircraft (SEP), 5 hours on a piston multi-engine aircraft (MEP) and 15 hours on the flight simulator FNPT II. Duration of flight training course: 4 weeks.

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