We offer a unique opportunity – the 2-level system of training ATPL Frozen pilots according to the requirements of EASA. This will significantly save your budget and time for preparation. The program was approved by the Aviation Agency of the Republic of Slovenia🇸🇮

1️⃣ The first level of study:
A cadet is undergoing a full course of study up to the PPL ICAO level with a total flight time of 100 hours (the flight time will be credited to the ATPL program). The prospective pilot is also is being trained in Aviation English (4th level on the ICAO scale) on the basis of our partners’ schools in Ukraine (the National Aviation University of Ukraine National Aviation University) or in Belarus (the Diamond Aviation Training Center Diamond). The next step: the cadet remotely passes the online tests for the preliminary assessment of the training level. After successfully completing the online tests, he receives an invitation to come to Slovenia.

2️⃣ The second level of study:
Upon arrival in Slovenia at the Aviation Agency, the cadet takes 2 theoretical examinations (Human Factors and Air Law), 1 practical exam (the test flight) and Aviation English proficiency test. After passing all exams successfully, the cadet can proceed to the further training in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia with the subsequent issuance of the ATPL Frozen EASA pilot license. Please note that the second level of training is carried out in English.

❗️ Candidate Requirements:
• Pilot license PPL ICAO;
• The flight book;
• Certificate of medical exam in accordance with the requirements of EASA Class 1 (Part-MED);
• Certificate of Aviation English of the ICAO level 4;
• The total flight time of least 100 hours.

🕐 Duration of study in Slovenia makes up to 1 year

✈️ The ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) pilot license is the highest level of all pilot licenses. Pilots with a linear pilot license are authorized to play the role of the aircraft commanders on various airlines and airlines.

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