from 18 years old
Level 4 Language Proficiency
1st class medical certificate

Flight Instructor (Flight Instructor) – a training course for obtaining the qualification mark of a flight instructor (c-plane).

Candidate Requirements:
● Сertificate of the 1st class medical commission in accordance with the requirements of EASA (Part-MED);
● PPL (A) or CPL (A) pilot certificate;
● IFR rating;
● Perform 20 hours of flights en route as an aircraft commander;
● Perform at least 200 flight hours on airplanes (min. 150 as an aircraft commander);
● Run at least 30 flight hours on a single-engine piston landplane, 5 of which are within 6 months prior to the start of preparation;

● Run at least one flight en route according to the rules of the IFR at a distance of 300 nautical miles with a landing at two different airfields and with a full stop.

Theoretical (ground) preparation:
Theoretical preparation includes 125 hours and ends with the examination. 

Flight Training consists of 30 hours of training flight, 5 of which can be performed on a flight simulator.

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