Distance learning

We offer a unique opportunity for distance learning. This will significantly save your budget and time. The term of study under the CPL/ATPL program in Slovenia (in accordance with the EASA standards) will make up to 12 months. 

Our partner countries:

  • National Aviation University, Ukraine
  • Aviation Training Center “Diamond Club”, Belarus
  • Belarusian State Aviation Academy, Belarus

What We Offer

  1. You have a unique opportunity to undergo pilot training up to the PPL level according to the ICAO standards, with a total flight time of 100 hours, on the basis of the flight schools of our partners. Moreover, you can undergo training and receive the ICAO / EASA Level 4 Language Proficiency Certificate on the ICAO scale. This flight time will be credited to the CPL / ATPL EASA program.
  2. After obtaining a PPL license and having 100 hours of the practical flight on the basis of our partners’ schools, the candidate remotely passes online tests for preliminary assessment of the training level. After having passed the online tests successfully, the candidate receives an invitation to arrive to Slovenia, where he passes 2 theoretical exams (Air Law, Human Factors and Restrictions), as well as 1 practical test at CAA of Slovenia additionally. After having passed all the exams successfully, the PPL ICAO is converted to the PPL of the EASA sample and the cadet can proceed to the further study up to the CPL / ATPL level in Slovenia.

Thus, the distance learning has several significant advantages:

  • The opportunity to save on the accommodation (including meals) on the territory of Slovenia by reducing the period of study;
  • The opportunity to complete the basic training phase (PPL license) in your native language;
    Please contact us for more details!

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