🛩Let’s remember the most prominent and magnificent ships from the recent centuries till these days. Today we want to remind you about the Dornier Do X (it. Dornier Do X) – the German passenger flying boat produced by Dornier company. The aircraft of unusual configuration was intended for use on the long-distance passenger airlines.

The first flight of the Dornier Do X took place on October 20, 1929. During the 40-minute demonstration flight, this plane took off from the Constance Lake with 169 passengers on board. This record remained unsurpassed in the first half of the XX century.

There were no engine control levers in the cockpit of the Dornier Do X. Instead of that, the pilot passed a command (by telephone) to the flight engineer to increase or decrease the power, while the engineer was sitting in a separate cabin. Due to the low flight performance of the aircraft, it not come out on the airlines.

Dornier Do X made several demonstration flights to Africa, North and South America from 1930-1932.

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